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This is the website of George and Millie, Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers (SCWT).

George was born on the 10th of May 2006 and Millie 14th of November 2008. They live with their Mum & Dad ( Gillian & Nick ), in Warwickshire in England.

George's kennel name is "Starcadia Willow Pickwick"
Millie's kennel name is "Wheatawaite Little Ms Muffet"

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March 2012 - George and Millie will be at Crufts 2012
George and Millie will be at Discover Dogs at Crufts this year. Come and see usCome and see us.

13 December 2010 - Ashlawn Dog Club Xmas Party
What a lot of fun we all had, dogs included. Check the photos and videos for more.

07 August 2010 - George competes in the Kennel Club's Good Citizen's Award Obedience Trials
George did extremely well and got a 9th, only dropping 8 points out of 70. Not bad for the only Terrier in the competition. Good Boy!

05 July 2010 - Millie passes her Silver Kennel Club's Good Citizen's Award
Millie was a star today and passed her Silver award. We are so pleased, she is a horror normally - did we send the right dog to test?.

13 March 2010 - Show results update
More judges comments added. See the results page for more.

12 March 2010 - George is at Crufts
George has done well again at Crufts. See the results page for more. Poor old Millie couldn't attend as she was in season.

10 March 2010 - We go to see Cesar Millan
We were fortunate enough to go to one of the UK tour of Cesar Millan's dog training seminars.

06 February 2010 - George becomes a PAT dog
George took his test last month, and today we received confirmation that he is now a registered "Pets As Therapy" Dog. Go here to see what is involved with the charity.

14 September 2009 - George passes his GOLD Kennel Club's Good Citizen's Award
George was a star today and passed his gold award. We are so pleased.

04 September 2009 - George & Millie test the testers
George and Millie helped 'test the testers' for the Kennel Club's Good Citizen's Award scheme at the Royal Leamington Guide Dogs for the Blind center. They helped the candidates pass their Gold Examiners Assessment Course by doing all the tests. Phew what a long day it was, and they were very good. Millie even managed to pass some of the Gold coursework. All the candidates passed, well done them.
Have a look here to see where in your area, your dog could go through the training - it's very beneficial to both dog and owner. One night a week, cheap and easy to do.

17 August 2009 - Millie passes her Bronze award
Millie gained her Bronze Kennel Club Good Citizen's Award tonight - What a clever mutt she is. Have a look here to see what she needed to do.

26 Apr 2009 - Kennel Cough
Millie has had kennel cough for a few weeks but she is totally over it now. We noticed it early (after a sleepless night, with a snoring dog next to the bed sounding like a chainsaw). We shot off the vets on Sunday the next day some weeks back. She didn't suffer with it at all which was good, probably as the vet dosed her up and gave us 2 weeks of anti-biotics to give her. Anyway we have missed a number of dog shows as kennel cough is very contagious. George didn't catch it, which shows it must have been a strain he had caught some years before. Good thing is they both never seemed to notice and raced around like lunatics as usual. Certainly not man-flu anyway. :)

30 Mar 2009 - Crufts 2009 SCWT writeup available
George's writeup is here and the full show writeup DogWorld

30 Mar 2009 - George is awarded Best Intermediate Dog
George was awarded Best Intermediate Dog at his Training Club today. We now have two pieces of silverware for him. :D

05 Mar 2009 - George gets 2nd & 1st at Crufts
He did extremely well and we were so happy with the results
Video of George and Gillian the ring at Crufts, now online - click on videos at the top of this page.

20 Feb 2009 - Millie appears in the Kennel Club photo gallery
Click on the photos below to see them
Millie at KC   Millie at KC 2

14 Feb 2009 - George passes his Silver Good Citizen Award
We all attended the official opening of the Kennel Club building in Stoneleigh - George had the opportunity to take his Silver Good Citizen Award exam and passed.

7 Feb 2009 - Millie gets to go for a walk
With all her vaccinations complete Millie can finally go for a walk, phew!.

10 Jan 2009 - Millie comes home
Today we picked Millie up and brought her home.

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